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Starbirds (Dub)

Starbirds (Dub) 7.18

Other Name: Daimos, Generał Daimos, Fighting General Daimos, Fighting King Daimos, Daimos, Starbirds, Battle Commander Daimos, 闘将ダイモス

Summary: It is earth`s most desperate hour. It is a time for heroes. And it is the ultimate battle for freedom in this rocket-fueled animated spectacular! The Starbirds have invaded planet Earth. It seems our only hope lies with Kelly- a daring young starfighter who pilots an indestructible cyborg robot. But wait! A growing force of Starbird rebels are fighting to overthrow the oppressive rule of their King Oban. And together with Kelly, they join forces to rid the galaxy of King Oban`s treacherous rein so that the Starbirds and the people of Earth may one day be free.

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Starbirds (Dub)