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Meng Ta: Xue Mi Cheng

Meng Ta: Xue Mi Cheng N/A

Other Name: Dream Tower, Meng Taxue Mi Cheng, Dream Tower: The Puzzle of Snow City, Dream Tower: Snow Mystery City, 梦塔 - 雪谜城

Summary: Ren Xiaochong, a funny teenager, was abducted into the dream world by two cute but black-bellied old cat spirits. Under the "training" of the beautiful tower master Bai sister, he became the new dream warrior of Dijian Tower. However, in the tower Met the real opponent Vuka! In the real world, police officers and punks had to team up to dream, and the rules in the dream world were also revealed. From then on, Ren Xiaochong started his new life of being beaten and upgraded to save the world...


Meng Ta: Xue Mi Cheng