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Doraemon Season 2 (2005) (Dub)

Doraemon Season 2 (2005) (Dub) 7.50

Other Name: ドラえもん (2005)

Summary: Second season of the English dubbed anime Doraemon (2005). The stories of Doraemon often have a common storyline. It revolves around the problems that often occur with Nobita in fourth grade, the second main character of the series. Doraemon has a magic bag in front of his stomach with all kinds of futuristic treasures. The most common storyline will be Nobita returning home crying with the troubles he encountered at school or with friends. After being begged or urged by the boy, Doraemon will give a treasures to help Nobita solve his problems. Sometime either to retaliate or brag to his friends. Nobita will often go too far from Doraemon's original intention, even with the new children he has even bigger problems than before. Sometimes Nobita's friends, usually Suneo or Jaian, steal the treasures and use them for improper purposes. Often, however, at the end of each story, those who misuse the treasure will suffer their own consequences, and the reader will learn from it.

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Doraemon Season 2 (2005) (Dub)