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Cubix (Dub)

Cubix (Dub) 6.0

Other Name: Saiko Robot Kombock, Cubix, Robot-chan Cubix, Robots for Everyone, Lobojjang Kyubigseu, 로보짱 큐빅스

Summary: The year is 2040. Japanese robot technology is making remarkable progress; they can understand human language, and they've even succeeded in developing a humanoid robot that can feel emotions. The setting is a future town on the outskirts of Musashino in the Tokyo area, where humans and robots live together, "New Musashino City." In this town, our main character Ichiro and his friends, as well as some robots, all get along very well. Before these friends appears a mad scientist, Professor K, bent on taking over the world. Ichiro and his robot partner, Kombock, and his other friends stand against him to crush his schemes. Will they be able to protect the peaceful lives of humans and robots from this evil?! The story of the friendship of Ichiro, Kombock, and their friends begins!!


Cubix (Dub)