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AOTU Shijie 3

AOTU Shijie 3 N/A

Other Name: AOTU World 3, AOTU Shijie Di San Ji, 凹凸世界 3

Summary: The creation god of the AOTU world is a very arbitrary god. He has created countless planets and people in the AOTU world, and rules them as he pleases. At the same time, he also set up seven divine envoys, let them do the divine will on their behalf. However, the God of Creation did not completely deny his people the opportunity-as long as you win the final victory in the "AOTU Contest", you can get everything and grant you the same as the "Seven Gods" to rule the world on behalf of the gods. Power. However, all of the above are only hypocritical appearances. There is no winner in this game. Until, our protagonist-Jin, appeared on the court.


AOTU Shijie 3